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Focus on Quality

We are passionate about great food. Almost everything we serve is made from scratch in our kitchen. We want you to know how your food was prepared and trust that all the ingredients are straightforward and are of the highest quality available to us. We believe in keeping it simple and eating consciously.

Honey B's menu is diverse and aims to provide delicious and creative options for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike. Great food does not have to be complicated or confusing. Everyone should be able to enjoy delicious, vibrant, inventive, high-quality food that is grown and raised with care and understanding.

Our Menu changes almost daily - all items are subject to availability.

Sustainable Agriculture


Honey B's concept is about great food and service, of course, but equally important is our team, our facility, our practices and the hundreds of decisions we make each day that impacts our community, our environment and our World. We believe it's about finding balance between providing the best tasting food while still restoring and enriching our agriculture and culinary culture.

We give a great deal of thought to the farmers, farms and fishing methods that provide our food as well as the people who eat it. We only seek out operations that employ responsible, sustainable

farming / fishing  methods, which includes techniques that; protect the environment, public health, human communities and animal welfare. We believe that long-term stewardship of natural and human resources is just as important as short-term economic gain. Help us protect our World and future generations.

Learn more about the many benefits of Sustainable Agriculture here.

Oyster on Ice
Welcome to Our Table


Being able to make a dish and share it is one of the most rewarding and sincere ways to show our appreciation for each and every guest that comes into our restaurant. We strive to create an experience that will rekindle your love affair with great food and provide a sense of belonging and comfort.

Our table is a labor of passion and commitment. A commitment to our food, our environment, our future and, most importantly, to each and every guest that joins us and gathers with us at our table.


Honey B's Eatery is a space to eat, learn, share and connect to our food, our world and each other. We can't wait to have you join us and be a part of the Honey B's family!!

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